Arden XF AJ 21 basing on teh new Jaguart XF

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Arden XF AJ 21 basing on the new Jaguart XF

Arden Automobilbau present their programme for the new Jaguar XF and they offer some highly remarkable things. In addition to the usual aerodynamics parts, the tuners have also redesigned the shape of the grille and replace the standard front bumper by their own one.

Instead of the standard solution which just looks like hole, Arden's grille has a more traditional, Jaguar-like shape and we assume some will like it! Besides this, they have perfectly integrated LED day driving lights - another feature that makes the thing recommendable. More zest for the rear can be ordered at Arden in form of a diffusor insert and 2x2 end tips. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepageView the next page of this feature