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Lotus have released a first photo of their new model line. The car is bigger and faster than the Elise and the Exige. In contrast to many other sports cars of its kind, the new flagship looks not all too muscular, athletic or aggressive. Matching the light weight approach of the British company, the design appears friendly, light almost feathery yet dynamic. Thus the exterior has a lot in common with the smaller models.

However, while they are 2-seaters, the new one has got 2 additional seats in the back. But, version without them is planned - just as an extra racy evolution and an open top model. Lotus is still calling it the 'Project Eagle', but we expect it to get another name than this. To power the the car which might compete with some Porsches and Ferraris by price but is quite unique in its character, Lotus order engines at Toyota.

The Japanese V6 aggregates have a capacity of 3.6 Liters. In its recent, first stage, it generates 280hp as maximum. Considering that the 2+2 seater is made by the use of aluminium and other light materials, this should be enough to compete with significantly more powerful rivals. One hint for those who want to see how the rear looks like at the end: The car will be presented at the British Motorshow at London on 22nd July 2008.

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