Lorinser S-class with Control Rod Lowering

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Lorinser come out
with a new way to lower the recent S-class. Usually the Mercedes flagship dives down electronically, by fooling the control. The specialists of Lorinser have developed another solution: Control rods for the level sensors.

That trick reduces ride height by roughly 30 millimeters and is cheaper than the usual approach, as Lorinser claims. So there is no intervention in the cars electronics needed. Also the rods can easily be detached, for example when it is intended to sell the car.

The German authorities (TÜV) have approved the solution what proves highest safety even at Autobahn high speeds. The same for Lorinser's 22 inch wheels for the S- and the CL-class. Just click > here to read and see more! (including two wallpapers)

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