1995 Mazda 323F

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When it comes to the side profile of the 323F, Mazda's press ar-
chive only offers small black and white photos. However, coloured pictures had already been invented at the time of its launch. No problem: To show the design, colours aren't necessary indeed.

Mazda 323F - The Family Coupe Pinoneer From Mazda

The first F model was derived from the fourth generation of the 323 in 1989. The mark V came out five years later. Both featured a sports car's shape. Whereas the first one was a sensation, the second one was a bit of a surprise. As usual for Japanse car makers, Mazda have radically changed the looks but clung to the 4-door coupe layout.

In 1998, with the 6th generation, they went back to the usual hatch-
back design of cars such as the VW Golf and the Toyota Corolla. Infer-
ring from this that the experiment with the sports car layout failed would go too far. The 323F went down well. It never was a best seller in its class however sales were decent. And, they haven't increased with the change to the usual shape at the end of the 1990's.

This points out that there is a market for this approach and the conditions have changed in favour for the concept. For sure, there will be always people who demand for more space at cars of this class and Mazda offered roomier 323 models parallel to the F-series. Never-
theless, the 323F could turn out as ahead of the times. Its shape, however, is timeless. < back!

1990 Mazda 323F

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