Renault Megane Crash Test

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Renault advertises the new Megane as the world's safest car! Good luck for Mercedes: The one who really believes this couldn't afford the S-class anyway!

Renault refers to the Euro NCAP crash tests at which the Megane achieved 37 out of 37 points. Congratulations! But, while cars available all around the world such as the ones of Volvo, VW or Toyota must meet several standards, Renault cars have to pass just two tests for Europe.

So they can be perfectly prepared to score high. The global players, on the other hand, have to compromise to pass other tests for Japan and the USA too. Meaning, if you're really sure that your next accident will exactly occur according to the NCAP arrangements, the Megane is your car!

In any other situations the new Seven or Lexus' LS could turn out more wholesome, possibly. Though it hast to meet world wide standards, the all-new Volvo XC60 came out as good as the Megane in the NCAP crash tests. Probably it's safer than the Megane, maybe safer than even the S-class. In any case, Renault talks too big when claiming to have the world's savest car.


Is it possible to design a compact car that's safer than a luxury salon?
It depends! It would be possible to produce a compact car that's even safer than the recent S-class, or any other good 5-meter executive salon! However, the thing would most certainly be too expensive for this sort of car. People wouldn't spend that much money on such a thing.

Beyond the fact that more safety details can be designed and included at the price of a luxury vehicle, its larger size - and thus longer crash zones - is an additional factor which is helpful for making it safer than a smaller vehicle.

Are there advantages of smaller cars regarding safety?
Yes, theoretically! Smaller cars are lighter and a lower mass does mean lower impact energy at the same speed. That could have a positive effect when hitting a rigid obstacle or another vehicle that moves in the same direction or stands still. But there's a relation to how much energy is absorbed by the crash zones and the airbags.

Eventually it depends on many factors what car is safer, even in situations like these. In case of a front to front collision, on the other hand, it's better to be the heavier one. Practically, or at 95% of the crashes in the reality, a luxury salon is safer than a small or compact car.

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