Mercedes C63 AMG by Carlsson
Mercedes C63 AMG by Carlsson - headline
Mercedes C63 AMG by CarlssonMercedes C63 AMG by CarlssonMercedes C63 AMG by Carlsson

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Because the Essen Motor Show soon takes place, many tuners are currently holding back their newnesses for the exhibition. Only the well-established Mercedes refiners dared publishing some releases shortly before this event, and have that way turned our Tuning News section into a Mercedes-Benz special. After Lorinser and Brabus, now the experts of Carlsson present a new conversion, a tuned AMG C-class.

In the depth of the 6.3 liter 8-cylinder engine and its exhaust system, they found over 100 extra-hp. Now the power plant is generating 565hp. Peak torque increases to 685Nm, from 600. That's enough to shorten the 0-100kph time from 4.5 to around 4 seconds Carlsson claim 3.8! And to enjoy acceleration a little longer, top speed limit is risen to 300kph.

An adjustable suspension, sports differential and broader rubber support the middle-class Mercedes to cope with the forces of the tuning measures. Wheel size is 8.5x19 for the front and the rear. [Get a closer look
] There also is a 10 inch wide option for the rear axle. In view of the performance rates, this one seems highly recommendable.

Forging technology and the multi-spoke layout cause a weight reduction compared to a usual 5-spoke alloy wheel. Even though the aerodynamic kit bears this name, add-on parts might mainly better looks but not air resistance or downforce, at least not significantly. Interior refinements round off the range. Carlsson provide a sports steering wheel, various leather options [See them here
] and a high-end multi-media system.
Mercedes C63 AMG by Carlsson

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