Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge' Dark EdtitonCarlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge' Dark Edtiton
Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge' Dark Edtiton

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Carlsson introduce a new offering however there is not too much new to it. It's a slightly different version of the 'CK 65 Eau Rouge'. This time the exterior of the Mercedes CL-class conversion is black and silver instead of black and red. Oddly enough it has got the additional name 'Dark Edition'.

Possibly this relates to the interior which is once again created by the leather company Etienne Aigner. For the cabin Alcantara and leather of several shades of grey is used. Even the wooden applications are adjusted to the exterior paint. For this edition, the company have opted for another set out of their wheel range.

The 705 hp 12-cylinder engine is on board again, but there's an even more powerful stage that generates 756 hp. Electronic lowering and a complete aerodynamic kit add visual sportiness to the luxurious sports coupe. High-performance brakes and a sports exhaust system are inclusive too, at the price of roughly 320,000 Euros.

Extra charge for the 756hp model is as much as 55,000 Euros. The two-tone paint of the edition's still a good idea and looks great but the entire thing is no longer something new. We anticipate Carlsson to bring out new edition in this style as long es there are wealthy buyers investing on it. However, it qualifies limitation of the small series.

Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge' Dark Edtiton - EngineCarlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge' Dark Edtiton - DashboardCarlsson Aigner CK65 RS - 'Eau Rouge' Dark Edtiton - Seats

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