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Mercedes-Benz G-class by A.R.T Tuning

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Mercedes-Benz G-class by A.R.T Tuning
The G-class is still available at Mercedes and, the thing is produce for decades. The design of the 1970s has been revised a couple of years and also some tuners still deal with upgrading the archaic off road car. Amongst them: A.R.T. Tuning.

As Daimler puts drivetrain components of other Mercedes-Benz models under the bonnet of the good G-class, there is a wide varity of engine tuning! Strongest petrol engine has 580hp and 780Nm!

Though having aerodynamics of a supertanker, this makes it accelerating like a jet plane. The most powerful diesel cannot keep up with that rates however, almost 300hp, exactly 293, is a good rate and surely fun to drive, especially in view of the old-fashioned housing.

Also exhaust systems are offered to better sound a performance. The exterior programme is finished off by wheels (up to 22inch), and various add-on parts including all sorts of lamps. At the cabin, A.R.T tuning covers almost everything with leather, on special request.

Those who can get enough could also add a set of carpets, carbon fibre or fine wood trims, curtains, a blue interior illumination, audio and multimedia systems. And, in case there is some more desired, the A.R.T. team will gladly cater to any additional requests. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage