Mercedes GLK-class by Brabus - front-side view - click here

Mercedes GLK-class by Brabus - front view - click here Mercedes GLK-class by Brabus - rear view - click here

Mercedes GLK-class by Brabus - side view - click here

Mercedes GLK-class by Brabus - rear-side view - click here

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The GLK represents a new class
in the Mercedes line up and has got an outstanding chiselled exterior, as a remi-
niscence of the G-class which has been created in the 1970s. There are no direct similarities in details but the stylists have had this model in mind as the designed the compact SUV. Brabus now introduce a conversion of the new GLK and change the exterior as inconspicuous as if it would be a classic like its archetype.

More noticeable modifications relate to the engines however they can not be seen. The tuning house provide upgrades for all available motors. Most powerful option makes the GLK 280 sprinting in around 6 seconds to 100kph, thanks to 332hp. AMG might bring out an even faster evolution soon, but Brabus will then tweak this one as well. And, teh tuners are also expected to launch a wide body version yet.

Several wheel designs in various sizes ranging from 17 to 21 inch add optical zest to Mercedes' smallest SUV. Sport springs or a complete suspension are provided to lower the body for better looks and enhanced, meaning sportier driving manners. In-
terior can be customised by finer materials and infotainment goodies. And, there is a long list of further items to make the GLK unique. View more on it at > their website!

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