Mercedes LWB S-class by Carlsson
Mercedes LWB S-class by Carlsson - side-rear view

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Mercedes LWB S-class by Carlsson - side-rear view

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In some way Carlsson's latest introduction seems well-known! And indeed, it is! Obviously the only newness is that the company has extended the rocker panels of their body kit for the S-class to the length needed to fit the Long Wheel Base model. The package is called the 'RS-Design' - what sounds pretty racing-related to us.

By looks it definitely is. However, considering Mercedes' stretched flagship's length and weight, it does not appear to be the perfect choice for the circuit. Objectively the RS Design looks good, but it doesn't go with the approach of the thing. Their competitors of Lorinser have recently shown an E-class with sporting exterior trim which was stretched by more than 1 meter.

In the feature on it we said: 'It's like joining a rowing regatta with a 300-feet yacht'. As the Long Wheel Base S-class isn't as long as that, it's just like 'taking part in the Touring Car Masters with a state coach'. Brabus and Lorinser have got stretched side sills for the LWB S-class too. However, the entire packages aren't quite as racy as Carlsson's.
Mercedes LWB S-class by Carlsson - front-side view

Are a Long Wheel Base luxury salon and sporting exterior modifications a bad match!? Or does it work!? How do you think about it? Here below we provide links to our features on the cars mentioned in this article. Take a look at them by yourself to form an opinion whether that goes well together or not. And if you would like to, let us know by email how you think about it!

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