Mercedes Ocean Drive Concept

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There's no other brand that sells as many cars as Mercedes in the segements beyond 75,000 Dollars. Nonetheless, the Benz boys are permanently thinking over what they could additionally offer to allure rich people to transfer even more chips to them.

One thing which was under consideration is a 4-door convertible basing on the S-class. With the concept car Ocean Drive, it had been tested whether customers would accept this approach but the outcome was: They do not do it!

So only the 2-door CL could be a basis for the project. But also in this case, the lots were too low for a mass-production. A remedy could be a hand-built series. Whether even this is as likely as not, at best. Lastly it seems the S-class will hardly get the addi-
tional name 'Cabrio'. Next >
Mercedes S-class Cabrio basing on the CL- Artist's Impression

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