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It's almost impossible to write on the forthcoming Audi A7 without mentioning the Mercedes CLS-class. It's the first vehicle of this kind, expected to be an archetype for a new boom-segment. BMW also intends to attack the flat Benz by with their own model.

Volkswagen lately showcased a 4-door coupe, but the flattened Passat do not contend in the same league as the other premium brands. Essentially the CLS is a more expensive E-class and Mercedes will hardly change this with the next model.

BMW are aiming their version at those who have been awaiting an M7 model. Audi's four-door coupe is thought to fill the gap between A6 and A8. So its engine range will be an appropriate assortment. The smallest petrol engine is going to be a 200hp 6-cylinder motor. . . >

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