Audi drawings

The images don't show the new A7!
They are drawings of another Audi model, the A4; however the sketches are very coupe-like. Silhouette and window line look like ones of a 4-door coupe. In fact, Audi are currently debating what rear-end the A7 should look like.

Audi A7 headline

There are several options, ranging from a layout in salon style to a fastback design. It is fairly safe to say, that the car will not have a boot lid rather than a hatch since a survey found that customers don't appreciate liftgates on luxury sedans.

Concepts such as the Cross Cabrio Quattro and the small car concept Metro Project foreshadow the design of future Audi cars and the A7 is sure to get many design cues of these design studies.

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Photo courtesy
of Audi AG