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Revised CLS-Class

Mercedes present the new, revised CLS and it looks like the old one! Changes are just the usual cosmetics. Front grille and bumpers are overworked. The rear lights appear exactly like the previous ones however the difference come - literally - to light when lights are on!

Also the shape of the end tips is new and will feature further Mercedes cars! The modifications won't hardly push the sales of the flat Benz which has lost much of last years' popularity since customers seem to be waiting for the upcoming all-new E-class.

With the refreshed CLS, a further new detail is being presented: A new AMG wheel! Nevertheless it seem like an already known one! It is surely inspired by the rim of the 997 Turbo from Mercedes' neighbours at Stuttgart: Porsche! More on the supposed debatable wheel design on the next page! ... click here!

Revised CLS-Class - details

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