The Other Panamera!

Porsche Special 2008
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To show how the new Panamera would look like when designed as suggested in our feature, we created a few respective photoshops. But first of all the new RS Spyder wheel with central locking has been put to the basis, Figure 1. This betters looks and makes an astonishing difference. Maybe Stuttgart are going to offer this option yet.

Wheels larger than the small ones on the press photos will be available at any event. In contrast to a roof line more declined towards to the hatch, as shown in Figure 2, which won't be the option list. But only in this style a car may be called a four door sports coupe, we think! And it shouldn't be quite as long as a luxury salon.

So we shortened the draft, and modified the rear light because it seemed a bit too long here, in the original layout, see Figure 3. To preserve proportions, height of the greenhouse had been reduced too, at Figure 4. The flattened version is pretty much different in its personality now. It has lost the lordly, stretched presence of the original.

Therefore it appears more rakish, compact and sporting! Just Porsche-like! But this package wouldn't score high in a test versus Mercedes' S-class, Jaguar's XJ or Maserati's Quattroporte because they're clearly roomier. However, good old CLS-class would get the rival it deserves with this one!

That downsizing is an issue for Porsche shows the upcoming 2nd generation Cayenne which will be smaller and flatter than the first one. In case they copy this strategy with the Panamera, you know: It's not their idea. ...not completely, at least! *grin* ->

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