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Headline: This is how the Panamera is going to look like!

Although we headquarter at Leipzig, the place where the upcoming Porsche Panamera is going to be manufactured, our man in Stuttgart, Gerd, has shot this prototype there.

No wonder, Stuttgart Zuffenhausen is Porsche's home town. There aren't too many changes with the exterior of this Panamera but Porsche are still attempting to fool onlookers by always masking the same details the same misleading way.

They alreday released a deceptive draft in this style. Our editing below reveals what lines runs what way in fact. Tail lights will be larger than they are on the disguised car and also the window line is going to look different to what they want to make us believe.

Porsche Panamera - Spyshot editing showing the real lines of the car.

Although it will appear more sports car like, a look at the side profile points out that Porsche have paid much attention to the head room at the back by keeping the roof's declination above the doors very little. Anyhow there is nothing wrong in expecting Porsche's luxury sports coupe to become a decent driver's car!

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