Porsche 911 GT2 by 9ff

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The Dortmund-based Porsche tuning
house 9ff introduces their new Porsche 911 GT2. With 670hp the upgraded edition performs 140hp more than the standard model. Peak torque has increased by 120Nm, from 680 to 800.

The plus is mainly achieved by new turbo chargers, modified air supply and an optimized exhaust system. Remarkable is that the sound of the latter can be adjusted from 'close to production' to 'race car like'. Flywheel and clutch are adapted to the additional power as well.

Fitted with all those goodies the 9ff GT2 sprints in 3.6 seconds to 100 kph, and in 9.8 sec. to 200, on the straight. Cornering is improved by a coil over suspension. In case there are no bends, the car passes the 300kph mark round 16 seconds later, or 25.8 seconds after the start of the sprint.

Experiencing this inside the thing would be fantastic, not only because of the terrible stickers outside. But since they aren't needed to speed up like that, we're sure 9ff purchases the car without the raggery. Those who can afford one should take this into account.

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+ www.9ff.com
+ www.Porsche.com

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