Porsche 911 GTstreet R by TechArt

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New 911 by TechArt

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Shortly after the new parts for the latest generation 911 (Click picture in the right column), the Porsche tuners of TechArt present further newnesses: An LED light system for the Cayenne and the GTstreet R.

Fitted with a turbo charged engine generating 660hp the latter covers a standard sprint in round 3.5 seconds. And the Turbo monster is able to add further 245 units after reaching the 100kph mark: Meaning: Top speed is 345kph. Basis of the conversion is the 911 GT2. TechArt have mainly replaced the rubo charges, exhaust system and intercoolers by more effective components to achieve this power.

Torque peak is 860Nm. Suspension, aerodynamics and brakes are optimized as well. The exterior might now be lacking a lot of the 911's classic elegance. But, also thanks to matt paint, it has got the extra-
ordinary appearance of a fighter jet in the style of one Lamborghini Reventon. Finally this is highly appropriate in view of the performance.

Porsche 911 GTstreet R by TechArt Porsche 911 GTstreet R by TechArt
Cayenne with TechArt LED Day Running Lights System

For the Cayenne the Swabian Porsche specialists are going to introduce an LED day time running light system. It combines - besides day driving lights - position lights, parking lights and direction indicators in one unit. That is to say, not only luminosity of the light sources changes but also its colour. The feature will be available from early next year for the Cayenne including the TechArt conversion, of course.

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