Porsche Cayenne by JE Design

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The company JE Design don't present their products on the
Essen Motor Show but releases some newnesses at exactly this time! All relate to the Porsche Cayenne.

Basically JE Design specialises in VW and Audi cars, however, since the Cayenne and the Porsche SUV got the same platform, the tuners extend their range by items for this model.

Spoilers, skirts, and covers all around and 22inch wheels feature the exterior programme. The front bumper includes LED driving lights. There's also lowering. An adjustable suspension (minus 30-70mm) or a set of springs is provided for cars with conventional chassis.

The ones with air springs could be flattened by an electronic module (-35mm). JE Design have also oval end pipes for the heaviest model of the Porsche line up on stock.

Porsche Cayenne by JE DesignPorsche Cayenne by JE Design

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