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It appears obvious that Volkswagen will bring out a hotter version of the all-new Scirocco in the style of the Golf R32. But things aren't that simple. Wolfs-
burg will most certainly use a turbo powered 4-cylinder aggregate - instead of a 6-pot motor - for that, which will lower the number in the designation.

However, Scirocco R20 would not sound very sexy! That's why the strategists are thinking over some options. One is, similar to Lamborghini, adding the hp-rate to the R, instead of the displacement. Another one is leaving any numbers out. In letters: Scirocco R.

Most likely engine is the Golf GTI's turbo-charged 2.0 Liter power plant. On the sports coupe, the direct fuel injection petrol motor could generate a little more than it does on the hot hatch: 250hp! This would be enough for a top speed of about 250kph.

Individual bumpers, 19 Inch alloys, a slightly lowered car body and some further aerodynamics parts will round off the R version's exterior. Regarding insiders, the extra charge for the evolution could be very low, not even 2000 Euros. Well, that would be good!

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