Scirocco by Oettinger - rear side view - click hereScirocco by Oettinger - front side view - click here

Scirocco Tuning

No doubt, the new Scirroco is gonna be a popular car at passionate auto tuning enthusiasts.
In this feature we present the first offerings to jazz up the Volkswagen's sports coupe.

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O e t t i n g e r
Whereas the styling of the add-on parts of Oettinger's Scirocco is noticeably sporty yet not ostentatious, the wheels attract more attention. Especially when the 20 inch set is ordered. Besides smaller rims, engine tuning is offered too. The increase rates for the 1.4 and the 2.0 petrol engines are exactly as high as Abt's. (See feature below).

But, Oettinger say they will come out with further upgrades. Highest level could be a 350hp version. This will also be achiev-
ed by additional improvements of the hardware such as enhanc-
ed cooling, overworked crank machanism and adapted exhaust system. Adjustable chassis and high-performance brakes are going to come
later too.
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K W S u s p e n s i o n
offer lowerings springs as well as thread chassis. There are three versions of the latter. They differ in adjustment options. Only the height can be set with the most simple version whilst ride characteristics could be adjusted with the other ones too. Lowering of the springs is 20mm, which is noticeable. Enthusi-
asts on the other hand might prefer the adjustable suspensions
wich enables up to 45mm less!

Scirocco by Abt Sportsline - rear side view - click hereScirocco by Abt Sportsline - front side view - click here

A b t S p o r t s l i n e
Besides add-on parts, 4-pipe rear muffler and lowering springs, the long-established house has wheels of up to 19 inch on stock. Also engine tuning is gettable at the launch of VW's compact sports coupe. The power of the 1.4 liter TSI engine increases to remarkable 200hp, from 160!

The 2.0l turbo diesel, which has 140hp as standard, generates 170 after the treatment. At a later date, the 2.0 TSI gets extra ponies too. 40 are planed, which would rise output to 240hp. And to cope with that, a sports braking system with larger disks could be ordered as well.

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