Smart Fortows by Carlsson

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The Mercedes refiners of Carlsson now tune Mercedes' auto dwarf, the Smart. Besides a body kit which adds muscles to the little one, also a rear muffler with 2x2 end tips is gettable. However, this item can only be ordered for the petrol engines.

Most remarkable offering is the wheels. Although Mercedes rims don't fit the 2-seater because the Benz wheels are attached by 5 screws while the Smart has just three per wheel, Carlsson offer a design which is also available for the Mercedes cars: The 1/11.

And as if this wouldn't be outstanding enough, the diameter at the rear axle is larger than that at the front axle: 17 and 16 inch respectively. Experts know flat rubber needs lowering so Carlsson have developed a set of springs to better looks and to make driving behaviours sportier.

With the parts Carlsson offer a possibility to add a further name that's actually exclusively reserved to Mercedes cars to the Fortwo. And since a Brabus Smart is almost mass-produced, this is certainly amongst the most selected ways to pilot Daimler's city car.

Fortwo by Carlsson in three perspectives

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