Tesla Roadster by Brabus

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Brabus introduce a new business divi-
sion for zero emission vehicles. In other words: The tuning house extend their programme by the Tesla Roadster. Smart is expected to bring out an electro driven version of the Fortwo too which will probably be the next car to get the label of this department, a Brabus logo with a lightning bold.

Matching the light weight approach of the two-seater, mainly carbon is used for the add-on parts. Except for the rims, of course. The alloy wheels measure 7 at the front and 8.5 inch at the rear axle. Diameter is 18 inch. Skills and materials of the interior experts of Brabus can also be ordered for the Tesla. But, the performance of the car remains the same.

Instead the electronic engineers provide another motor-related feature: a Space Sound Generator. The device generates driving noises. Several sounds are possible. On the option list: the noises of a classic V8-engine, a race car and two more futuristic sounds naming Warp and Beam. Some blue illuminations round off the upgrades, together with LED day driving lights.

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Company Web Sites
+ www.Brabus.com
+ www.TeslaMotors.com

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