New VW Golf with Lowering by KW Suspensions

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Also KW Suspensions tale place in the
Essen Motor Show. Recent development of the company are coilover suspensions for the latest Golf, the Mk VI. Since it technically bases on the 5th generation, the engineers probably didn't need to change much with the suspensions for the only further developed bestseller from Wolfsburg.

As usual, there are 3 versions. Version 1 can be adjusted in height only. Range is 35 to 60mm. Version 2 offers an additional draw control. With Version 3, separate and independently adjustable rebound damping is provided too. Tuning experts know that.

The simpliest way to lower a car, however, are shorter springs. KW offer them as well. Just as stabilzers for the new Golf. But, the revealing thing with KW's release is how good the new Golf looks in black with a set of nice wheels and decent lowering. Check the images below to see it by yorself.

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