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VW Golf R32 by Abt Sportsline

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Volkswagen Golf R32 by Abt Sportsline
While the press is talking on the soon-to-be-launched Golf Mk VI and speculating whether its evolution will be powered by a large 6-cylinder or a charged 4 pot-engine, Abt is presenting a promising combination of both engine concepts on the basis of the recent Golf R32.

Thanks to a compressor kit including an intercooler and an adaption of the engine control, the top-of-the-line Golf generates amazing 370 hp 120 more than as standard. Together with the additional ponies, the harnessed horse team hauls the tweaked R32 to a maximum speed of over 270kph.

To reach 100units, they just need 5 seconds from a standstill. Abt Sportsline offers further items to match the immense performance of the Northern German hot hatch. Amongst them: 19inch wheels and an adjustable sports suspension. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage