Volkswagen Passat CC - It's good! But what for?

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Volkswagen showcase the Passat CC at the Detroit motor show and, as expected, the car is very close to its basis, the Passat sedan. So the question is: What is it good for? Without any doubt, the project is inspired by Merecdes' showstopper CLS. But the VW is a full class smaller than the Benz.

That means: the CC does not rival the CLS. Experts might have spotted a large gap in the line up between the Passat and the Phaeton and, Wolfsburg intend to fill it up. But can a further Passat version be suitable for that? Surely not! So let's have a look at it from an economical point of view. VW aim at an annual turnover increase of 10% which shall be achieved by new models. This is what the Passat CC could be good for!

But a decisive issue is whether the thing will just be a better looking option to the ordinary Passat or, whether it will also attract buyers of Volvo, Alfa, or even BMW and Jaguar!? The CC is most likely to be mainly taken by VW drivers which is why its contribution to the growth of the brand will be a very small one. The Passat CC may be a good car but it is just little helpful to solve any of Volkswagen's problems.

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