VW Scirocco by JE Design

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VW Scirocco by JE Design

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JE Design introduce components for the new VW Scirocco. An aerodynamic package enhances the exterior. 19 inch wheels fill the wheel houses of the Volkswagen's car body which could be lowered by 30mm thanks to a set of lowering springs.

VW Scirocco by JE Design

Rubber on the 8 inch wide rims measures 235/35 R19. The exhaust system with two centered end pipes increase performance by round 11hp, as JE Design say. Width of the oval end tips is 70mm.

Even more power is provided by a performance kit for the 2.0 TFSI engine. It enhances power output to 244hp as maximum. Highest torque rate is 350Nm. Top speed betters by 7kph to 242. So the 0-100kph sprint can be managed
in 6.6 seconds.

VW Scirocco by JE Design
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