BMW Progressive Activity Concept - Artist's Impression

headline: BMW Progressive Activity Sedan

Nobody has missed it, nobody understands the concept and and nobody even sees a market for it but nonetheless, BMW will bring it out in 2009: The Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS), as they call the concept! Though it has got some similarities to Mercedes' R-class, it actually rivals no other car as it is too unique to be compared to any!

Technically the thing is a mixture of components of both the 5- and the 7-series. It will be shorter than the Seven but longer than the Five and the X6: About 4.9 meters! Regarding looks, the design is close to the latter! However, it is going to be flatter than this one, although higher than a 5-series. Just as the exterior, the cabin is focused on sporty-minded users! BMW will even offer two sports seats in the back as an option.

Trunk volume on the other hand is not a sports car's! Around 600 liters will measure the boot, thanks to the concept's extensive dimensions . This is enough to transport some sports equipment, admittedly, just flat devices will fit in since the fastback layout limits its height. In addition to rear wheel drive as standard, four wheel drive can optionally be ordered too. The components for that are taken from the 5-series, and not the X6. Other gadgets, namely assist systems, are known from BMW's new flagship, the soon-to-come Seven.

An open issue still is what will be the name of the unique vehiculum! Seems the once considered name V5 won't be used as BMW gave up on establishing a V-line. Also XV6 and PAS are pretty unlikely. Some German magazines claim the thing will come out as a 5-series derivation with the additional name 'Sportkombi', translated: Sports wagon. Well, this could be, but it raises another question: If so, what will be the English designation! Sports wagon is eventually a too ordinary name for an eccentric thing like that! Maybe they use the German term: 5-series Sportkombi! Why not?

No matter what numbers and letters will be put to the mighty high rear end of the thing, the decisive issue is whether customers will buy it. In a European scheme, the thing is large and doesn't meet the trend while things are different in the US. People no longer want thirsty light trucks there and look for something smaller. But not everyone falls for small cars! Some might be interested in something new. So being flat and roomy cold be an option. Admittedly, that hasn't been all too beneficial for the R-class so far!

And as with the Mercedes, the Bimmer will be kind of an expensive pleasure. Though we haven't heard any numbers up to now, it is likely to be almost as much as a 7-series. So the PAS is another try to cerate demand by offering an alluring thing that actually no one really needs. It just would be another millionaire's toy, something to go golfing or yachting with. When it works as with the CLS - it will be good for BMW's balance and their image - when it fails as with the R-class - it could harm them painfully in times of dropping earnings and rising investment needs. Time will tell!


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