A8 Design Special

Feature Selection
- Introduction
- Drafts for the Front
- Drafts of the Rear
- Artworks

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A8 Design Special - Introduction
Of course, design sketches are very expressive. The objects appear cooler on them, while practical reasons and objections water them down afterwards - spoiling much of what the designers created. So the drafts of the production model are worth to be seen. Here they are!

Audi A8 Artwork Audi A8 Artwork

Audi A8 Design Sketch

A8 Design Special - Introduction
Basing on the pictures above, the Audi Design Studio has created some artworks. Possibly some of you like storing the new A8 in this style on their computer desktop. Too, these wallpapers have got some blank spaces to arrange the icon out of the image.

Audi A8 Artwork Audi A8 Artwork

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