Startech Range Rover Sport at the 2010 Leipzig Motor Show

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Porsche Panamera by 9ff - click here
After a significant decline last year, 2010's Leipzig motor show AMI attracts more exhibitors again. Many companies came back, even some who turned their backs to the event a few years ago - before the economical downturn. Land Rover for example. The Ranger Rover models are displayed in Startech trim which hints to a close collaboration of Brabus' sub label Startech and the British off road vehicle makers.

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Even BMW belongs to those companies that did not attend last year - although they produce the 3-Series and the X1 at a neighbouring plot. This time they present the new 5-series Touring to the public for the very first time. Volkswagen have unveiled the new Touran.

It bases on the old platform, but changes are significant. Sister company Audi showcase the overworked TT model, as a world premiere too, however it only has got some cosmetic changes. Lexus is absent this year. This might be caused by the fact that interest in the cars was low.

Toyota, on the other hand, is there. As every year, we are going to try hard to take the best motor show pics possible. Outcomes will be presented in two galleries next month. Meanwhile, as a foretaste of what is to come, we link to the previous collections at the right column!

BMW 5-Series Touring at the Leipzig Motor Show

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