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Introductory Report
In addition to the TT RS, the Audi A4 Allroad Quattro is shown for the first time to the German audience. Although most of the cars are white at the stand; the TT is blue (very nice) and the A4 Allroad Quattro dark brown. Actually this paint is as popular in Germany as a tax examination. They must anticipate it to change when they present it in this colour!

At any rate it conceals much of the car! Not only dark finishes kill shapes, in terms of making them less apparent, the exhibit have got add-on parts of the same tone. So the lifted car body is meeting the eye most. We think, it looked better on the press photos on which it featured silver paint and contrasting black add-on parts. But maybe our shots provide a good hint for those who consider buying one.

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By the way, we're also trying to shoot some good photos of the TT RS. Only problem, either there are masses of (captivated) people around the thing, or the canopy top is closed, or the cleaing boy does his job there, or...! It just didn't work the way we wanted. Since we've got the ambitions to take photos with opened roof, we're still trying.

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