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Introductory Report
It has got two doors and a three-pointed star in the grille; so it's a classic to come, no matter how good it really looks. In the metal, the E-class Coupe is no surprise. There's no hidden charm in its shape, what you see on the photos is what you get. Also the third side window is a question of taste, even when the others are left down. The additional glass pane is a result of the the sporty window line.

Contrariwise, the side window behind the door couldn't be fully lowered. But because that's a tradition with Mercedes coupes, it has got this third window as a remedy. It's good that they continue with this tradition which enables, together with lacking B-columns, a large opening. However there's no need for this, if they would have opted for a greenhouse lesser sporty than that.

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Stuttgart did it with all predecessors and hey, a Benz ain't no sports car. Yes, it should be something special, but without preventable compromises. Time will tell whether people become accustomed to this. Mercedes drivers, who are very brand-loyal, won't be put off it by the looks and in any case the others might most certainly forgive this detail because of the cool, aggressive front.

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