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Introductory Report
Lexus' stand at the AMI 09 is large enough to present the entire line up, however they restricted the exhibits to the this year's newnesses: The RX and the IS series' cabrio coupe model. Between the cars displayed in white, a piano player is entertaining visitors acoustically. The appearance might be restraining, but pleasant.

After all Lexus show how to present themselves properly without spending much money. But the interest in the exhibits is low. Sparking interest is generally very difficult here for a car maker that competes with native premium brands such as Mercedes and BMW; not matter how good the cars are.

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Many might not even have spotted that the RX is a new car, this model is simply to rare in Germany. The IS cabrio coupe is more striking. No matter with or without roof, to us it seems nicer than it did on the first photos we've seen. We think it's a bit of a pity that people appreciate Lexus' stand that little.

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