Volkswagen Eos by B&B

Volkswagen Eos by B&B

The Volkswagen and Audi tuners of B&B introduce their programme for the VW Eos. For the model with 6-cylinder engine, four upgrade stages are offered: 360, 400, 450 and 500hp. To achieve the highest level, B&B added a turbo charger and an intercooler. Exhaust system, fuel pump and injectors are replaced by optimised ones at this version too. Also the cylinder head is modified.

The same for the ECU. All that makes the open top Volkswagen running in 4.2 seconds to 100kph. Peak torque of this stage is 650Nm; enough to push the top speed beyond the 300kph mark. The other Eos versions can be tweaked as well. In addition to motor tuning, a sports braking system and an adjustable chassis is available at B&B.

Nice alloys in 18 or 19 inch offer enough space for the larger disks and round off the exterior refinements. Owners of the all-new Scirocco should also take a look at B&B's website >, because there is no other car as close to the Eos as the Scirocco is. So it seems obvious that the house will provide the same items for the sports coupe, including the engine upgrades!

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