BMW X5 'Typhoon' by G-Power

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G-Power turns the BMW X5 into a flashy yet stylish thing. A body kit is widening the vehicle and makes way for 11 inch wide rims at the front and 12 at he rear axle. Diameter of the wheels is 23 inches. LED lights for the front bumper are available as well as rear mufflers with large end pipes.

Thanks to a supercharger kit including further modifications. 525 hp are squeezed out of the 4.8 litre engine. Torque betters to 600Nm. So the Bimmer speeds up to 100kph in round 5 seconds. 200 kph is reached in 18.4 seconds, as G-Power says.

The sprinting exercise ends at (meaning, top speed is): 275 kph. G-Power call the conversion the 'Typhoon'm which is remarkbaly close to one of Hamann Motorsport. That tuning company name their X6 wide body conversion: 'Tycoon'.

While G-power's front bumper's huge air intakes appear a bit oversized, at least their shape isn't quite matching the design of the X5, the rest of the conversion looks pretty good.

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