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Past years have brought us some very radically redesigned tuning cars. Besides Gemblla and 9ff, Brabus is one of those permanently trying to set standards higher. Today their list of parts and upgrade options for a Mercedes model is almost as long as the genuine parts catalouge. The fascinating thing about that rather are technical achievements and looks, than the range of changes alone.

With this trend, exterior modifications became more demonstrative. In many cases it just was about showiness. With the latest super car of Brabus however, there is a stricter form-follows-function approach. Besides those large apertures its technology needs, a rear wheel cowling meets the eye. The cover enhances aerodynamics, thus ensuring higher top speed.

For those who ask themselves what a difference this detail makes, we've got an answer: approximately 4kph! So the maximum velocity is about 370kph! Engine of the edition bases on the company's top motor, the 6.3 Litre V12 Bi-Turbo power plant. For some extra ponies Brabus have mainly modified its turbo air supply and exhaust system. Thanks this, power output betters to 800hp, while peak torque is limited to 1,100Nm, because of tires safety.

Without the restriction, on the test bed, the Brabus SV12 R Biturbo displacement engine impressively cranks 1,420Nm out. High-performance brakes, wider track and stiffer suspension is a must on a conversion like that and of course, Brabus have put in all that! And, they didn't forget to add this to the price, which is as much as 498,000 Euros ex VAT. Series is limited to 10 cars, as the edition's name suggests.

Brabus have already got some orders, but production isn't sold out yet. By the way, first car, exhibited at the Frankfurt IAA, is sold to a collector of Brabus cars. And the tuners will offer a milder series, which will not be limited in production. It won't have the striking rear wheel cowling and won't have the wing at the trunk lid. Also the engine produces 50hp less: Says, 'only' 750hp! Since torque is restricted to 1,100Nm anyway, buyers will hardly miss much power!

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