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New Mercedes CLK
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Is the all-new
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A Mercedes-Benz 2-door car is positively something particular. It might be mass-produced however, besides its brand name, it has got a whiff of extra exclusivity - maybe except of the unusual A-Class Coupe and the compact CLC-Class.

Once, things have been quite simple: Stuttgart used a sedan model to derive a two-door. This one was then more sporty in design, but just a version of the 4-door. In the 1990's they changed it by turning the coupes into individual model series.

For the CLK, as an example, they used the C-class platform, but suggested an E-class - not only by the look of the nose, but also its price. Now, with the all-new E-class Coupe, Mercedes gave up on that policy.

They call their new 2-door, the E-class Coupe. Indeed it's looking like one. Things would have been fine, if some Mercedes officials Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA and E-Klasse Product Manager, Wolfgang Bremm - had not suggested that the car is underpinned by the C-class.

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Since some web sites spread this news, Mercedes felt impelled to release a statement according to which the model shares more than 60% of its components with the E-class. Direct comparison as given below, however, casts doubts on it. Some also missed a hint to what's under the bodywork.

And, Daimler confirmed that the Agility Control Suspension of the sportier C-class models is used for the E-class Coupe. That appears confusing but a closer look, as given at the end of this feature, clears it fully up. But, before, further confusion is raised at the ...Next Page >

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