Mercedes CLK 3rd Generation - Artist's Impression

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According to recent
reports the cabrio
is put on ice!

The Mercedes Coupe affair is getting even more confusing by another report. The magazine AutoBild says that Stuttgart will launch a new CLK in 2011. If so, the car seems to be pretty close to the E-class Coupe when both are basing on the same platform in fact.

However, according to the publication, the new CLK will be significantly cheaper than a four-door C-class, as it is considered to be an entry model. This would appear logically, if there weren't the new CLC, which has been launched recently, as an entry model of the C-class as well!

Problem with the thing is that it's no new car, it's just a made-over C Sportcoupe. That's still basing on the previous C-class platform (W203). Its front looks like the one of a recent C-class, and the rear end has got a completely new design too. Side profile, however, is left untouched.

Mercedes CLK 3rd Generation - Artist's Impression
So it's obvious that it is no new car. Customers apparently do not accept this window-dressing and want something new. At least, the Sportscoupe successor sells slow. Meaning the new CLK will possibly replace the current CLC, which would make perfectly sense.

Regarding AutoBild the two-door C-class is going to be flatter than the sedan, but most of its body panels are taken from the four-door. Even its rear screen shall be used, admittedly in a flatter fitting position. Several magazines stated that Mercedes were preparing a C-class-based convertible too. Apparently they did it, but according to recent reports, the project is put on ice. ...Next Page >

Mercedes C-class Convertible - Artist's Impression

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