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A basis can not
only be stretched
or shortened

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Hard to say
which model bases
on which one

Wheel base of the new CLK is likely to be shorter than that of the four-door C-class. This point to another issue. Auto makers' engineers have designed chassis architectures which are technically highly flexible. So one basis can not only be stretched or shortened in width and length.

Also several wheel diameters are possible, to put heavier bodies and engines on it. This way a middle-class sedan, an SUV, a crossover or a luxury car can be realized on the same platform. Many models today are finally just a mix of existing modules and components, rather than they are a derivation of one specific base model.

Drawing of a C-class-based coupe The Volkswagen group is probably the leading firm in this discipline. While the Scirocco and the Eos are technically rela-
ted, both are a mix of the Golf and the Passat model. They've even got, for example, a modular platform which is intended to be used by Audi for the A4, the A6, but also the new top-of-the-range model, the A8

Only a high compatibility of components make such universal applications possible. Advantage is that expenses decline - the higher the number of produced units, the lower their costs. Daimler are also dealing with this approach.

That it's harder to say what model is basing on which one - and whether the E Coupe is basing on the E- or the C-class - is just a side effect of it. In case of a Mercedes coupe the question anyway is whether it sets new benchmarks, and not what's used for it.
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