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Like their main competitors Brabus and Lorinser, Carlsson present their upgrades for the new E-class on a black car too. Highlights of the Carlsson body kit are first a striking front bumper with vertical LED strips, and sec-
ond a front fender featuring two apertures arranged in opposite angles. Altogether the add-on parts make the Benz clearly racier.

In addition to Carlsson's classic and classy multi-spoke wheels, there's also a more sporty twin spoke option available now, the 1/5 Revo. Biggest diameter is, as usual, 20inch. The electronic lowering of Carlsson reduces ride height by up to 42mm, as the company states. Also it automatically adapts spring travel to the road conditions.

Regarding engine tuning the Mercedes specialists offer upgrades for the diesel models as well as for the current top-of-the-line E-class, the E 500. Carlsson tweak out 55 extra hp of this car by means of a compressor kit and a complete sports exhaust system including catalysts. So the Benz is driven by 443 lively horses - the one of the Carlsson logo not included.

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