Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1

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Gemballa Tornado GTS basing on the Cayenne

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Gemballa, known for extensive and well-done Porsche conversions, are now presenting a Ferrari. And, it isn't one of the ordinary production models, but the all-out limited super car Enzo! The company developed a complete aerodynamic package. Downforce and cooling is claimed to be enhanced by it. At least looks have changed significantly.

The standard model already comes with real super car styling, but the body kit makes it appearing even more aggressive. Most striking things are a huge rear spoiler with an adjustable flap and an air duct on the roof. Experts might recognise that the nose is extended too, besides additional air in- and outlets. Also the tail lights are no longer on top of the rear's upper edge.

Matching the uncompromising approach of the Italian racing car sculpture, the components are made from real carbon. An electro-hydraulic height adjustment lifts the car to overcome obstacles. This optional feature resets itself when 80kph is being reached, but it can be re-lowered by the push of a button as well.

Alloys of the sizes 10x19 and 13x20 inch fill out the wheel houses. At the front, rims have got 265/35 tyres. The ones at the rear bear 335/30 rubber socks. Engine control and exhaust system has been adjusted thanks to which the Enzo's V12 now produce 700hp. As usual with Gemballa conversions of this kind, the center console is redesigned.

It features a nameplate, but apart from this, it's not significantly different to the standard solution. Some parts and the steering wheel are covered with suede while a multi-media system provides entertainment and enables navigating. Even an iPod connection is on board. The offering is limited to 25 units. Each one will be individually adjusted.

After 'Mirage' and 'Tornado', Gemballa once again chose a warplane's name for a conversion. In the Enzo's case they felt back to the one of the legendary Russian fighter jet MIG. But it's also a hommage to one of their dealers in UAE who has got the same initials, they say. Concerning prices, however, they keep their lips closed.

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Is this a new record? Only 25 cars are intended to be produced, but there's a micro page for the thing! It provides further technical data and details. Even a colour selector is included. So get there, have a look at it and find out which one you would choose. Just
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