Gemballa Tornado Wheel

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Cayenne Diesel
Conversions by JE
Design and TechArt

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by JE Design and TechArt
The fender extensions allow using twelf inch wide rims on the Cayenne. Gemballa's wheel measures 22 Inch in diameter. Cabin is as comprehensively overworked as the exterior. Most remarkable thing here is the new center console. At it the gear selector is arranged closer to the driver's hand. Below it is a tray. (See thumbnails)

Tornado GTS - Porsche Cayenne Conversion by Gemballa

The center monitor is positioned higher than standard too. Not quite that striking, but not less interesting, is the fact that the vents are pla-
ced in the sides of the new console. Shortly behind the sports seats in the front, there is another screen for the passengers in the back. As at the front, they may take a seat at two sport seats. All that and the rest is covered with finest leather and decorated by carbon applications.

Wallpaper . Click here Click here Click here Click here

When Gemballa names the conversion 'Tornado 750 GTS', it means that the car has got 750 hp. Of course, the engine is comprehensively overworked to achieve this. There is a displacement increase to 5 Liters, larger turbo chargers, a sports exhaust system and an adapted engine control, just to mention the most essential measures that enable this performance. Peak torque rose to huge 1050 Nm.

So the Tornado manages running to 100kph from a standstill in 4.3 seconds, while the maximum speed is claimed to be over 300 kph. To make such exercises as safe as possible Gemballa equipped the Cayenne with a sports braking system including XXL discs, as they call the things. The chassis is modified by a coilover suspension that's allowing lowering rates of up to 70mm. ...Next >
Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS basing on the Porsche Cayenne

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