Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

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With the concept car Sesto Elemento, Lamborghini serve a further sports car which reminds us of a jet fighter. Thanks to its design which features lots of triangles and pentagons, it has got something of Stealth bombers. These ones were designed in this style to not being discovered at the enemy's radar systems. Lambo drivers, however, have just one enemy with radar technology: The police. And in this case, the shape won't hardly help!

So piloting a Sesto Elemento would take much self-discipline. Because, not only the Italians made as many components as possible from carbon including suspension parts, propeller shafts and wheels - they also mounted a 570 HP 10-cylinder engine on the thing. Despite of the big V10, the car wights in at under one tone! Exactly: 999kg. And, even all-wheel drive is on board. This makes the Lambo covering a 0-100kph sprint in a mere of 2.5 seconds. No surprise: Top speed is significantly higher than 300 kph.

And of course there are further disciplines at which the carbon monster reaches outstanding results. Because, such a light sports car with this amazing power is expected to be agile beyond any comparison. If there wouldn't be one problem: The weight distribution. Sadly Lamborghini didn't release any data that could tell us whether the extrem lightweight approach has a negative effect on weight balance. The drivers position, at any rate, won't be adverse.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

It is close to the center of rotation. Remarkably there are no conventional sports seats on the Sesto Elemento. The Italians have designed a monocoque layout which allows attaching upholstery directly to it, without an individual seat frame. Those who are happy enough to take a seat here are going to face a crater landscape of carbon covers under the windscreen. And, the so-called dashboard has got just very few controls! Of course, there is no air con, no sat nav - not even a radio is there.

Meaning, this would be changed on a production model. And that raises one question: What is this thing good for? Do the Italians want to let us know that they are capable to design extremely light cars? Yes, the want to! But experts know that flagship of the sports car brand, the Murcielago, is soon to be replaced by a successor. So it's possibly showcased to make us mentally ready for the new model - even though most of us already are!

At any event the concept is a Lambo at first sight. Thus it may be seen as close to production. And, it tells us there is some eye candy to come from the workshops at Santa'Agata Bolognese. One compliment has to be paid to the stylists yet, at the end of this feature. The Lambo designers are definitely not the first to eccentuate red details on black car. But, there was rarely a work at which they were that perfectly balanced. We relish the prospect of seeing some more, both on the motorshows and on the roads.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

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