All-New Mercedes CLS by Lorinser

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Our 2009 Fetaure on The New CLS

This is our 2009's
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Mercedes CLS by Lorinser
Recently we showed our own idea of how the new Mercedes CLS will look like. Later Mercedes introduced a concept named Concept Shooting Brake. Reportedly Stuttgart is going to bring out a thing like that as an estate model of the CLS. So the concept is supposed to foreshadow the 4-door coupe's design.

Using this as a basis, the design department of Lorinser have now released a sketch to give a foretaste of their conversion. The new CLS, however, comes out next year. Seems Lorinser's PR machinery works in according with the motto 'Early bird catches the worm'. They claim to be already working on the parts, although the cars is not out yet.

Lorinser obviously plan to add a lot of large apertures to the new CLS. The air inlets in the bumpers are bigger. Additionally the hood features inserts with power domes and outlets. Also the front fenders are different to the standard parts. Not only they have got further outlets behind the wheel house, they are wider too.

The wheels aren't something new, because they're already available for the new E-class, besides other cars. Lorinser say diameters of up to 21 Inch can be ordered for the 4-door coupe, when the car is on sale. Lowering, exhaust tuning, engines upgrades and interior refinements are planned to round off the range.

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