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Jaguar XJC
Times might be not really perfect to launch upper-class coupes with formidable price tags - however, there are some ambitious projects though. The English luxury car maker Jaguar, for example, are rumoured to bring out a coupe version of their flagship. It is likely to be called XJC.

Thus it would be a regular version of the XJ model series. Mercedes-Benz are trying to do the same by renaming the facelifted CL-Class into S-Class Coupe. However, the exterior of Mercedes' biggest coupe will remain very different to the sedan's, while the Jag's design is supposed to be close to the 4-door.

Reportedly the car will be the first Jaguar to get an additional electro drive. Besides the hybrid model, all engines of the XJ line are going to be available on the XJC too. The car is planned to go on sale in 2012, shortly before Mercedes will launch the new two-door S-Class.

Porsche Panamera Coupe
In addition to Mercedes and Jaguar, Porsche could be the next company to come with a new coupe on an upper-class sedan's basis. Porsche and Volkswagen are currently checking what models would be best to extend Stuttgart's lineup. Besides cars using VW or Audi platforms, further versions of the Panamera are considered.

Artist's Impression: Porsche Panamera Coupe
Most likely one is a two-door model, as a classic GT. Porsche already covered this market segment by the 928 series, which has been produced from 1977 to 1995. And, other sports car makers such as Aston Martin and Ferrari offer cars of this sort too, having even 12-cylinder engines under their hoods.

Another question is whether it gets the name Panamera Coupe, or whether it will be labelled as another model. As Porsche put a fix roof to the Boxster a couple of years ago, they called it the Cayman, and not Boxster Coupe! So it won't come as a surprise when the Panamera 2-door bear a completly new nameplate. The exterior however is expected to be close to the donator car.

Maybach 57S Coupe
In the ultra-luxury segment, Maybach are supposed to consider a coupe model. But in view of their cars' low sales, ceasing the entire brand seems another option, at least when sales don't recover. On the other hand, a German company have lately introduced their own Maybach project.

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The firm named Xenatech will not only move the B column toward to the back, they also flatten the greenhouse. We already presented such a thing in 2004. It featured both a longer wheel base and a longer tail. Here we are now showing several new approaches, basing on the 57 platform.

Please note the subtitles in the larger pictures to learn what has changed. In addition, at the right column, we provide a link to our 2004 Maybach 60 Coupe feature and one to, where you can get and see more of and about the Xenatech Maybach two-door.

Artist's Impression: Maybach 57S 2-Door

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