AMG E-Class by Brabus

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Brabus celebrate debut of their new AMG E-class model. Its engine is tweaked and produces 555hp. Meaning power has bettered by 30hp, being achieved through sports air filters, a free-flow metal catalyst and reprogrammed engine control. Thanks to that the 0-100kph sprint is covered in 4.3 seconds.

Together with a detached top speed limiter the sporty executive sedan runs roughly 320 kph as maximum, when the pedal is completely pushed down to the floor mat. The exact rate and how long it takes to reach this pace depend on the wheels chosen. Largest option measures 10.5x20 and bears 295x25 ZR20 tyres.

Needless to add that there are smaller options too, various designs as well as any other features a great tuning car's cabin and exterior must have today. If you'd like to learn more on Brabus items for the new E-class, visit their website via the link at the right or see the feature on the E-Class coupe model there.

AMG E-Class by Brabus

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