Mercedes M-class Widestar by Brabus

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Brabus have added a wide body conversion of the facelifted Mercedes-Benz M-class to their range. The looks of the widened M-class follows the styling of the other Brabus Benz SUVs, the larger GL-class and the smaller GLK model. 23 inch large wheels fill the wheel houses. They are specially designed for this model.

More impressive and striking might be their width: 11 inch. In addition to the add-on parts, there also is lowering, exhaust and motor tuning gettable. The top model bases on the ML 63 and generates 550hp. But, the German tuners claim to offer the world's largest engine tuning programme for Mercedes vehicles, so they provide upgrades for the smaller engines too.

To customise the interior, a wide variety of leather, carbon and wood, as well as the finest infotainment goodies is offered. Finally, those who know the other Brabus cars won't find anything surprising with the Wide Star called M-class conversion. However, this is not to say that it's not worth seeing. Just take a look at it at the gallery below.

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