Mercedes CLS Second Generation - Artist's Impression

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Those who deem the Mercedes CLS a need-
less luxury item might be not quite wrong, however with the second generation of the niche car, coming out late next year, Daimler could change the nature of the thing! A bit! It will not only be about luxurious features and sporting looks, but also environmental friendliness. Yes, of course, that's what all car makers are aiming at in these times.

The interesting thing with the next CLS is that Mercedes-Benz play on a special characteristic feature of its layout: The small front surface. This causes lower air drag - which naturally results in reduced fuel consumption, compared to usual sedans. So the Benz boys will go for taking this up and play the green card with the next model of their stylish 4-door coupe.

Together with some environmental friendly technologies such as plug-in hybrid, which is scheduled for 2012, the CLS could become another green car in the line up. Nonetheless, plenty of safety and convenience gadgets keep its weight high. Although it won't definitely be amongst the most fuel-saving cars, it could set a new benchmark in the luxury class.

Sounds fantastic, however that's simply what many expect of the company which once invented the automobile and is today trying to be the ones that raise the standard. Technically the new CLS-class bases on the all-new E-class. For the image editing however, we used the current S-class, since it was a better basis to design a vehicle of the style we had in mind.

Nonetheless, the CLS is going to get some details introduced on the recent E-class, such as the pronounced rear fenders. Generally it continues with the current Mercedes design language, no revolution awaited. While the recent model is also called 'The Banana' because of its crooked side profile, this feature won't be taken up with the new model. Next Page...>

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