Mercedes Fascination Concept

Mercedes Convertibles
4-seater convertibles
with the three-pointed

New Mercedes CLK
That's how the next
CLK could look like!

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Regarding the
head lamps, some sources say it will get the typical
L-shaped layout again. Other claim Mercedes will desist from this design. And there's another interesting rumour about the CLS. German magazines state Daimler would be thinking over a Shooting Brake version. Although the recently shown concept 'Fascination' was clearly an E-class, Mercedes actually had the CLS in mind as they created the design study.

With a coupe, a convertible, an estate and a sedan, there are definitely enough derivations of the E-class, whereas a Shooting Brake would make perfectly senese for the CLS. After all a sporty 2-door station wagon is as unusual as a 4-door coupe is. But there's also talk of another approach. A German publication (AutoBild) had recently reported that Daimler will be making it a four-door.

So it would look like a usual station wagon, yet flatter! Does it makes sense? No! But what sense makes a four-door coupe at all? Regarding the mag, it could possibly get an individual name too: The CLT-class. Only problem, Mercedes-Benz are currently reducing the number of classes. So why creating a new name for car that's actually nothing but a derivation?

CLS Shooting Brake, Current Generation - Artist's Impression

And, a two-door Shooting Brake had already been considered with the first generation [click the skecth above this section], but they gave up on this idea because they too low sales had been expected. And, things haven't definitely changed to the better since then. In view of the global recession and dramatically declining sales in this sector, today it seems even more unlikely that they will bring it out. Unless, the green approach turns the niche model into a real bestseller. <...Previous Page
Mercedes Fascination Concept

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