Carlsson CK 63 RS basing on the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Carlsson CK 63 RS basing on the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

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Mercedes tuning house Carlsson have created a tweaked SL 63 AMG. The company names the work CK 63 RS. New add-on parts feature the exterior. The wheels aren't something new but something fine though.

The two at the front measure 9x20 inch. The other pair is as large as the front rims, yet 2 inch wider. Enough for broad tyres and the thing needs this indeed. The tweaked engine generates rubber-devouring 600hp, peak torque is 705Nm.

So the Carlsson AMG SL sprints in 4.1 seconds to 100kph. An electronic lowering reduces ride height by 30 mm and improves driving manners too. According to the latest fashion, Carlsson have painted the car in a matt black finish. The paint was developed by the German company Standox.

Carlsson say the finish is mattes available in the market, but it is absolutely homogeneous and there are no shades or irregularities. Usual stuff for the interior: Alcantara and leather as well as some alu parts top off the conversion.

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